Electronic scale manufacturer and supplier, Satrue provides weighing scale, counting scale, refrigerant charging scale, price computing scale, pocket scale, bathroom scale and body analyzer scale.

Founded in 1983, Shang Chuen Weighting Machine Co., Ltd. started its business by selling electronic scales. In 1985, the company started to develop and manufacture its own scales because of the remarkable sales volume. Success followed, as good quality convinced the Shimadzu Corp. of Japan to begin placing subcontract orders, resulted in influential benefit on improving manufacturing techniques and setting up a computerized temperature and humidity testing chamber to further upgrade ability.

Booming business prompted the company to establish a factory in Guangdong, China in 2000, mainly producing consumer and household scales, while the headquarters in Taiwan produce scales for commercial and industrial use. Our electronic scales are now widely used in different industries - hotel, catering, food equipment industry, refrigeration and HVAC industry, as well as inventory, retail and medical service.

Having been in the industry for 40 years, Shang Chuen has earned support and trust from our business partners, our OEM & ODM ability helps our partners to market their esteemed brands worldwide with quality products and achieve their business goal. Own brand “SATRUE” is also established and registered to sell scales to the world, “SATRUE” sounds very close to “highest precision” in Taiwanese vernacular pronunciation, it represents the core value, mission and expectation of the company.

Shang Chuen provides not only high standard scales, but excellent service and technical support, customers know they can rely on us as a reliable supplier. Our ultimate goal is to supply precise and ever-improving scales through the application of stringent controls in accordance international standards, with a focus on quality, performance, value and service.

Choose SATRUE, Choose best.
    Year of Incorporation: 1983
    Headquarters: Taichung, Taiwan.
    Factory: Dounguan, China.
    Chairman: Wu Hsiung Lee
    No. of Employees: Approximately 130
    Main products: Electronic Scales
   Applications: Weighing scale for hotel, catering, food service and industrial use;
                             Counting scale for inventory and retail services provider;
                             Refrigerant scale for HVAC and car industry;
                             Price computing scale for retailers;
                             Bathroom scale, body analyzer scale and Kitchen Scale for household use.