Donation ceremony of a rehabilitation bus to the Social Affairs Bureau of the Taichung City Government

Care about people with disabilities, the company donated a rehabilitation bus to the Social Affairs Bureau of the Taichung City Government. Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu attended the donation ceremony to thank the company for its feedback to society. 

Mayor Lu said that it is difficult for people with disabilities to move around, and it will be very hard without good transportation. There are about 130,000 people with disabilities in Taichung City, currently there are 276 rehabilitation buses, which can provide an average of nearly 900,000 services a year. The rehabilitation bus not only facilitates the disabled friends to seek medical treatment, but also assists the disabled people in transportation, helping them to get out of the house, participate in various activities and increase social participation. However, due to the official vehicle replacement regulations, the vehicles must be replaced after 10 years and 125,000 kilometers, in addition to the city government setting its own budget to purchase cars, a large part of it is through social donations. 

Mayor Lu is grateful to Mr. Woo-Hsiung Lee, the president of Shang Chuen Weighting Machine Co., Ltd., (Satrue) and people from all walks of life who donated today. They have fulfilled their corporate social responsibilities and cared for disadvantaged groups. Mayor Lu mentioned that Shang Chuen company has been established for 39 years and specializes in the production and sales of various consumer and industrial electronic scales. It is one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan's scale industry. President Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee are unparalleled in their kindness, at the beginning of the year, they heard that the air conditioner in the office of the Love Home needed to be repaired, they immediately helped to replace the old one with a new one. Later, they learned that the city government was replacing the old rehabilitation buses, they showed their kindness again and immediately expressed willingness to donate a rehabilitation bus. 

Most of the rehabilitation buses in Taichung City are donated by private enterprises, groups and individual citizens. City government welcomes more members of the public to invest in public welfare and work together to provide services for the disabled.