Gave back to his hometown by donating Nantou County rehabilitation bus to give priority to Caotun Town elders.

Enthusiastic about public welfare and cherishes his hometown, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee jointly donated rehabilitation bus to the Nantou County Government. On behalf of the recipient, County Magistrate Hsu ShuHua pointed out special thanks. Mr. Lee originally hoped to donate an ambulance that would require a larger amount of funds, but limited by the regulations of ambulance and the long queue of donating ambulance, the company donated rehabilitation bus instead, helping to release heavy duty for the long-term care transportation service in the county, and gave priority to the long-term care transportation special unit "Nantou County Youjie Care and Care Association" in Caotun Town for use. The new rehabilitation bus directly benefits the elders in Caotun area.

At the donation ceremony on the 11th, representatives of County Magistrate Hsu ShuHua accepted the rehabilitation bus key and model donated by Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee. The Magistrate Hsu also presented a certificate of thanks to the company.